STEVEN  YOUNGBLOOD

Take me back to the water! Steven & Tropicsands do this perfectly. Their music brings to life the visions of umbrella drinks on the beach soaking up the sun without a care in the world.   Steven & Tropicsands have achieved what they set out to do with their music.

Steven & Tropicsands want people to listen to their music and just relax. Their lyrics are fun and so true. Each song shows us their personality.  Writing fun loving music that fits their lifestyle. Steven is comfortable playing his guitar, beach side, while he breathes in the salt air that pumps through his veins and Sandra on the steel drum add’s that island flavor & kent on drums for our bigger gig's drives the beat home...

 Steven & Tropicsands set sail on a mission with their music to help their fans let their hair down, put on that favorite Hawaiian shirt, kick back in your favorite chair and tap your toes to the fun sounds of the islands. Steven & Tropicsands music is the ultimate in stress relief and a definite escape to the tropical life we all sometimes long for. 

Steven & Tropicsands music is fun, upbeat and relaxing. Together they set out on a journey to do what they love and that is to bring their love of the islands and tropical life to their fans.